Today: March 02, 2024
Today: March 02, 2024

Too Much Food? Reset With These 5 Easy, Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

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Too Much Food? Reset With These 5 Easy, Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas
Nahal Garakani
November 30, 2023

You’ve just had your fill of holiday feasts, so a simple steamed fish makes an appealing option for dinner after days of rich, heavy plates. Consider ginger-scallion steamed fish, a recipe Ali Slagle adapted from the chef Connie Chung, which streamlines a traditional Cantonese banquet dish for easy weeknight execution. Perfect alongside rice and greens, this fast recipe transforms pantry staples into a light but flavorful meal.

Chung devised her spin on the cantonese classic at Milu, her New York City restaurant, aiming for a simplified preparation suitable for high-volume service. Her recipe calls for cubed salmon accented by aromatics then gently cooked over a ginger scallion broth spiked with soy. But the method adapts well for any thick, firm-fleshed fish fillets you have on hand.

Where available, options like black sea bass, striped bass or cod would all shine with little required beyond salt. Or substitute thicker cuts of more delicate fish, like trout or artic char, reducing steam time by a few minutes. Either way, what emerges is a flaky, gingery fish far easier than its elaborate inspiration yet no less craveable.

You can find the full recipe detailing quantities and technique from the original publisher, where it joins 19,000 more recipes awaiting readers. And this fish makes fine use of a subscription this week, as you settle back into routine but don’t abandon rich holiday flavors entirely. These dishes strike that balance, blending comfort with ease.

On Monday, for those grappling with leftover turkey, turn it into a silky, sweet and salty turkey à la king to blanket biscuits or toast. Tuesday brings a vegan glazed tofu popping with fermented funk courtesy of Sichuan peppercorns and chiles.

The next day, try a vegan curry piled with winter squash and earthy wild mushrooms. Then let shrimp bathe in a peppery, herby Italian sauce known as “purgatory” on Thursday. Finally, prepare for weekend by giving classic French technique a spin, blanketing chicken breasts in bright, buttery lemon sauce.

Those recipes represent just a fraction of what the full archives hold. Full access unlocks exclusive guides helping you master an array of techniques, whether turning out tender meatloaf or fluttering perfect omelets. So consider investing in a subscription granting unlimited access to every recipe.

Reader support makes such cooking guidance possible week after week from the culinary team and contributors like chef Connie Chung. Paywalls furnish what advertising long cannot, helping expand recipe development and technical expertise. So please subscribe if able, unlocking all available recipes and features.

That said, the technology should function reliably once you join. But it can still confuse, so email for prompt troubleshooting help. Subscribers can also reach out with feedback. Every message gets read, spotlighting favorites in this newsletter when possible.

Now without further ado, finish up the week with a few highlighted culture recommendations courtesy of various writers. Check out poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips’ latest work, a melancholic ode to the Florida Keys called “Key West.”

On screens, Paramount has spun another Western off its neo-Western hit “Yellowstone.” “Lawmen” dramatizes Bass Reeves, the Black deputy marshal who patrolled Indian territory when Oklahoma remained the wild frontier. Saddle up for frontier justice if you enjoy shootouts wrapped around history.

And in Washington D.C., swing by the sleek new Johns Hopkins University hub situated downtown in the former Newseum building. Architecture critic Michael Kimmelman spotlights this promising adaptive reuse project and what it signals for urban renewal nationwide. Cities would thrive well to follow its example.


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