Today: March 02, 2024
Today: March 02, 2024

Jordan says Palestinian displacement pushes region to 'abyss' of wider conflict

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Jordan says Palestinian displacement pushes region to 'abyss' of wider conflict
October 14, 2023

AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan on Saturday said any move by Israel to impose a new displacement of Palestinians would push the region to the "abyss" of a wider regional conflict.

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi also said Israel's blocking of humanitarian aid to Gaza and forcing its residents to leave their homes as it escalates its military action were a "flagrant" breach of international law.

Israel had given the entire population of the north of the Gaza Strip a Saturday morning deadline to move south ahead of an expected ground offensive to root out Hamas militants. It has said it will keep two roads open until 4:00 pm. to allow people to escape.

Safadi said the military campaign against Hamas was killing innocent civilians and would bring despair and destruction in its wake that would not bring security to Israel.

"The war is killing and displacing innocent Palestinians and will leave the region and the world facing the repercussion of a environment of destruction and despair that Israel will create in Gaza," Safadi said in comments after meeting his Canadian counterpart.

"It won't achieve security or lead to peace," Safadi said, in the toughest language from Jordan since the conflict that broke out after a devastating cross-border attack by Hamas a week ago.

Israel's push to move the entire population to leave their homes was a "red line" that Arabs would confront, Safadi said

"This will bring the region into the hell of war..we have to end this madness," he added.

The war's continuation also threatened its spread on other fronts, Safadi said adding "violence would breed more violence and destruction."

(Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise and Sharon Singleton)


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