Today: April 14, 2024
Today: April 14, 2024


Best neighborhoods in LA: where to stay and play

Los Angeles constantly reinvents itself as an alluring travel destination with an ever-growing list of exciting neighborhoods to explore. Several districts have emerged as tourist favorites in recent years for their eclectic local flavors, from posh beach towns to urban city centers overflowing with culture and cuisine. Both locals and visitors find themselves spoiled for choice when planning their next LA vacation. Some of the trendiest and best neighborhoods in Los Angeles are Culver City, Downtown LA (DTLA), Hollywood, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and West Hollywood. These diverse areas tempt tourists with new hotels, restaurants, bars, and attractions that regularly open

Homeowners score big in stimulus - Rebates up to $8K

Homeowners in select states could soon qualify for rebates up to $8,000 from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) by upgrading to more energy efficient appliances. The rebates aim to offset costs for swapping items like furnaces or stoves to environmentally friendly models.  The IRA passed in 2022 allotted $8.8 billion for home efficiency rebates nationwide. States must apply to access funding and then distribute rebates locally. So far, California, New York, New Mexico, and Hawaii have initiated the process. Residents in these leading states may see rebates materialize this year if state plans get approved swiftly. Officials project Hawaiian rebates

California jails grapple with tragedy

California jails face crisis as overdoses skyrocket to alarming levels. Fentanyl flooding the system mainly to blame for the spike in deadly ODs. Early state numbers show at least 59 fatal overdoses last year – more than the prior two years put together. Experts view the dramatic change as a setback following initial progress in enhancing addiction treatment and availability of the overdose rescue medication naloxone. Merely two years ago, a groundbreaking California initiative aimed at reducing overdoses in prisons received recognition nationwide as a blueprint for improvement. The rapid increase of fentanyl, a highly strong synthetic opioid, has surpassed numerous preventative

Recharge your batteries with 20 soul-soothing weekend getaways

Southern California offers no shortage of alluring destinations for quick weekend escapes. From mountain towns like Big Bear to coastal hot spots like La Jolla and Catalina, intrepid travelers can craft custom vacations catering to their every whim or wanderlust.  “There’s such diversity packed into Southern California’s diverse landscapes,” said John Smith, editor of California Weekends magazine. “Ski one day, tan on the beach the next. Explore various vineyards, enjoy delicious seafood, and end the trip by dancing until dawn surrounded by palm trees swaying in the cool coastal breeze.  Big Bear Lake has consistently attracted Los Angeles residents over

Uncovering Griffith Park's hidden gems beyond the Hollywood sign

Stretching over 4,200 acres of hills, canyons, and wilderness within Los Angeles’ urban borders, Griffith Park has always been far more than just another city park. Though it draws comparisons to iconic parks in other major cities like New York and San Francisco, Griffith Park has its unique history and character. Over time, its landscape has transformed from farmland to refugee camps during the Great Depression, providing temporary housing for struggling families. Those same hillsides later became platforms for civil rights protests and rallies, megaphones for speaking truth to power. Today, Griffith Park offers both recreation and respite from city

Ten magnificent waterfalls are waiting to be discovered near Los Angeles

Nestled in the majestic canyons and valleys of Los Angeles County lie hidden gems—surreal waterfalls offering a magical escape from the urban jungle. As spring approaches, rains nourish these natural wonders, transforming many from a quiet trickle into roaring cascades.  The allure is undeniable, yet chasing waterfalls requires responsible planning. Trails are easy to extremely strenuous; some routes contain sheer drop-offs or require tricky rock-scrambling. Poison oak abounds. But for those willing to venture out prepared, magnificent rewards await. “There’s something so rejuvenating about finding these hidden oases and taking in the peaceful sound of falling water surrounded by nature,”

15 Scenic spots to discover in and around Los Angeles

Tucked away in pockets across Los Angeles, hidden portals transport visitors into fantastical realms brimming with wonder. Behind unassuming facades of strip malls and residential streets, secret dimensions overflow with marvelous imagination unencumbered by reality’s constraints. Tire of the concrete jungle? The City of Angels unfurls myriad magical escapes right in its own backyard for those daring to peek behind the curtain.  Through this looking glass, vibrant mosaic tile forests gleam like Oz’s Emerald City while an impossibly precise Egyptian temple replica looms larger than imagination. Spiritual solace emanates from lakefront Buddhist temples to palatial Hindu shrines worthy of their

Only in Los Angeles: 7 restaurants defining the city

Los Angeles is known for having a wide range of new and interesting restaurants, from fancy ones with Michelin stars to quick food on the street. In this article, we explore ten restaurants in Los Angeles, exemplifying the city’s ascendant food scene through excellence in cuisine, service, and atmosphere. Mírate on North Vermont Avenue prepares traditional Mexican fare with local ingredients, earning praise for standouts like Yucatán-style cochinita pibil served with plantains alongside inventive specials like crab tostadas with exquisite corn. Vibrant decor complements the modern yet authentic cooking in this lively venue, championing regional Mexican cooking. Tucked away in

6 Hot Springs just outside of LA!

A relaxing alternative to a pricey spa day is California’s hot springs. They let you get away from everyday life and enjoy nature. People in Los Angeles are lucky to live near some of the most beautiful natural hot springs. These six natural hot springs are the perfect place to get away for a cheap getaway.  Just a short drive from LA in San Bernardino County’s Mojave Desert rests Tecopa Hot Springs, a stunning aquatic gem with grass-lined pools in a shade of aquamarine. Four million years in the making, the piping hot, mineral-rich waters and panoramic Death Valley views

The surprising ingredient that makes you crave Mexican food

For nearly a century, the aroma of sizzling carne asada and the sweet tang of salsa has become one of Los Angeles’s distinctive signature meals. Ever since old-school spots like El Cholo Cafe first opened their doors back in 1923, Mexican restaurants have only multiplied across the city – over 5,500 places to grab tacos or margaritas county-wide today.  Their sheer numbers point to more than just good food, though. They show the fierce pride that Latino families here feel in preserving the special recipes and customs that grandparents and great-grandparents brought decades ago from Mexican hometowns they still cherish.

Where legends were made: Inside LA’s iconic entertainment venues

Los Angeles has been a major cultural center thanks to venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, The Wiltern, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles Theatre, and Hollywood Palladium. Notable performances and cultural events have occurred in its famed theaters and concert halls, leaving an indelible mark on history. Their unique architecture and rich histories have hosted unforgettable concerts, movie debuts, and star-studded events – propelling the city into an international entertainment epicenter. For almost a century, these landmarks have fuelled Los Angeles’ ascent to become the world’s entertainment capital. The breathtaking shell-shaped outdoor stage of the Hollywood Bowl became a live music

As California's primary nears, here are key dates and must-knows

Every other year, residents of California participate in the statewide primary election. On March 5, 2024, Californians can vote in presidential and local elections, as well as other statewide issues. With mail-in ballots going out next month to all 22 million registered voters, the election also brings some new voting rules and key deadlines that will test the state’s dedication to encouraging participation. To register in California, you must: You can easily register online through the Secretary of State’s website. You can also sign up in person at county offices, the DMV, post offices, or public libraries. The key dates

The Saga of LA's "Tenant From Hell"

In an ordeal spanning nearly two years, a Los Angeles homeowner has finally evicted a woman he describes as the “tenant from hell.” Elizabeth Hirschhorn was removed by police last Friday from a Brentwood guest house she had occupied since 2021 without paying rent. The dramatic saga highlights the complexities of short-term rental laws. Hirschhorn initially rented Sascha Jovanovic’s guesthouse through Airbnb in 2021. Their landlord-tenant relationship began normally, with Hirschhorn paying $105 per night to stay in the unit, as stipulated on Airbnb. But when her 6-month lease ended, Hirschhorn refused to vacate the property. This began a contentious

Say Goodbye to Salmon? California Ban Will Slash Supply and Spike Prices

Salmon lovers may need to budget more for the nutrient-rich fish this year as regulators move to halt all salmon fishing off California’s coast for 2023. With the state’s major wild salmon sources off limits, limited supply will drive up costs. The Pacific Fishery Management Council has recommended cancelling the season starting May 16 for salmon fishing in California and southern Oregon. This expected federal approval reflects forecasted low population numbers of Chinook salmon returning to spawn in the Klamath and Sacramento Rivers. “California is really good at providing nutritionally valuable food like salmon to Americans,” said PFMC’s Robin Ehlke.

This Southern California Beach Town Named Among Top 20 in America for 2023

The ‘best beach town’ in Southern California is Carpinteria, according to Trips To Discover. The national travel website recently ranked the top 20 best beach towns in America for 2023 and the small surf town in Santa Barbara County is the lone representative from the southern half of the state. Carpinteria cracked the list thanks to its quintessential Southern California beaches, charming small-town vibe and a plethora of outdoor activities from surfing to beach yoga. Despite its artsy and eclectic locals, Carpinteria has retained its original flavor and remains one of the few unspoiled beach communities in California. Trips To

LAFC Deal Fuels American Investors' European Soccer Shopping Bonanza

Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is reportedly in negotiations to acquire Grasshopper Club Zurich, adding to a wave of American ownership stakes in European professional soccer teams and leagues. LAFC, co-owned by entrepreneur Peter Guber and actor Will Ferrell, would obtain the Swiss Super League club from its current Chinese ownership group led by Jenny Wang. Wang first placed Grasshopper Club Zurich up for sale back in April. If finalized, the deal would make LAFC the latest Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise to invest in soccer across the Atlantic. The trend comes as interest and investment in European soccer rapidly

Escape to Solvang for a Fairytale European Christmas

Nestled in California’s idyllic Santa Ynez Valley, the village of Solvang provides a passport-free holiday getaway reminiscent of a quaint European town. With its Danish-inspired architecture, abundant wineries and postcard-worthy scenery, Solvang charms visitors year-round. But it particularly shines during the festive season, when dazzling decorations, family-friendly events and lively markets capture the spirit of a Scandinavian Christmas. The temperate climate makes strolling the pedestrian-friendly downtown a pleasure, allowing you to admire the historic half-timbered buildings draped in lights. Visitors can snap photos of Solvang’s iconic windmills and nosh on open-faced smørrebrød sandwiches at the outdoor cafes. And there’s certainly

Violence on LA Streets: Homeless Murders Hit Record High

The homelessness crisis in Los Angeles took a deadly turn in 2022, as the number of homeless individuals murdered across the city climbed to 92 – a shocking 60% increase from 2020. The grim tally amounts to nearly a quarter of all 382 homicides recorded in LA last year, even though the unhoused make up only about 1% of the population. Experts say the violence stems from increased gang activity, disputes between homeless people, and bias against those living on the streets. “A friend of mine was thrown into a fire by a fellow homeless man,” said Rev. Andy Bales

Disney Parks Spread Cheer with $50 Ticket Deal for Kids

The Walt Disney Company announced new discounts on children’s tickets at its U.S. theme parks in an effort to boost attendance, according to a company blog post. The temporary price reductions come as Disney parks grapple with signs of slowing foot traffic. Beginning October 24, Disneyland Resort in California will offer $50 per day tickets for children ages 3-9 valid for use between January 8 and March 10, 2023. Meanwhile, Florida’s Walt Disney World will roll out a vacation package deal on November 14 including reduced kids’ tickets and dining plans. That offer can be used for travel from March

Los Angeles Landmark: The Magic Behind the Magic Castle

For over six decades, the Magic Castle has been an iconic fixture in Hollywood, elevating the art of illusion to the level of a sought-after VIP experience. Only those who are lucky enough to get an invitation will learn the establishment’s secrets. The Magic Castle is more than just a venue – it’s an entire world of its own, a secretive society for members and their guests where magic is celebrated and appreciated. The idea for the private clubhouse was born in 1963 from founders Milt Larsen, William Larsen Jr., and Irene Larsen. From a terrible fire in 2011 to

Small Towns, Big Experiences: Exploring the Charm of California's Central Coast

Blink, and you might miss them—but stay, and you’ll be treated to the big charm of our ten small towns on Highway 1 in California’s picturesque Central Coast. Here, you’ll find fun, flavor, and fantastic views—plus plenty of fins, flippers and feathers, too! Sip bold wines in a quaint tasting room, or find an epic surf spot where the harbor seals are your only competition for waves. Marvel at a kaleidoscope of tens of thousands of Monarch butterflies, tucked just off the roadway. Or glimpse through a tiny window to witness the unparalleled grandeur of Big Sur’s “million-dollar view.” Exploring

LA's Unlikely Wildlife Ambassador - The legacy of P-22

Los Angeles’ celebrity mountain lion P-22 inspired the creation of the world’s largest wildlife overpass LOS ANGELES – The story sounds like a Disney movie plot: A mountain lion trapped by LA freeways and unable to find a mate becomes locally famous and inspires the construction of the world’s largest wildlife overpass. But for P-22, the legendary LA cougar, it was reality. The $100 million Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, currently under construction, will span eight lanes of Highway 101 in Agoura Hills when completed in 2025. The goal is to provide a safe passage for mountain lions and other animals

Surveillance Video Captures Daring Daylight Robbery. Watch the Video.

A courageous employee of a Manhattan Beach jewelry store intervened to stop a bunch of robbers, setting off a spectacular series of events. The employee in the smash-and-grab heist is shown on camera shooting at least one bullet at the suspects, forcing them to quickly escape the area. The event happened at Prestige Jewelers, which is located on N Sepulveda Boulevard, on a Saturday shortly after lunchtime. Five people stormed into the business, as shown on the security footage, as several staff were helping a couple. A sixth individual—possibly a man—seems to be keeping the door open for the group

The Battle for Fair Housing: Los Angeles' Rent Control Legacy

In light of the city’s ongoing struggle to strike a fair balance between landlord interests and tenant rights in the face of a rapidly changing housing market and a number of unexpected developments and legislative initiatives, it is instructive to look at Los Angeles’ complicated history of tenant rights protection. During World War II, Los Angeles faced many big changes. Many individuals migrated to the city for employment, and there was a shortage of housing for the population. Therefore, in 1942, the government implemented a regulation to prevent rent increases. Most landlords agreed with this rule because it felt like

Unwelcome Airbnb Guest: A Legal Battle That's Lasted 500 Days

A peculiar saga is unfolding in the hills of Los Angeles, involving a luxurious guest house, an Airbnb guest who has overstayed her welcome, and a homeowner who is desperate to reclaim his property. This saga, which has been dubbed “the case of the tenant from hell”, has been ongoing for an astounding 500 days. The guest, identified as Elizabeth Hirschhorn, has not only refused to vacate the premises but is also demanding a hefty $100,000 relocation fee from the homeowner, Sascha Jovanovic. Elizabeth Hirschhorn had initially rented Sascha Jovanovic’s opulent guest house in Brentwood in September 2021 intending to