Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


Why luck plays such a big role in hockey

With low-scoring games and a preponderance of deflected shots, randomness is much more likely to color NHL teams’ records than those of squads in the other four major US pro sports leagues.

‘The former guy’ versus ‘Sleepy Joe’ – why Biden and Trump are loathe to utter each other’s name

Both politicians are exploiting some tried and true rhetorical and psychological tactics.

Indian protesters pull from poetic tradition to resist Modi’s Hindu nationalism

Thanks to a strong oral Urdu literary tradition in South Asia, poems from the past linger in the popular imagination.

Taylor Swift’s homage to Clara Bow

The star of the 1920s silver screen who appears on Taylor Swift’s new album abruptly left Hollywood at the height of her success – a middle finger to the men whom she had made rich and powerful.

Has the media learned anything since the O.J. Simpson trial?

Since the ‘trial of the century,’ the lines between news and entertainment have become increasingly blurred.

Is this the dawn of a new era in women’s sports?

Sports media has typically operated under a ‘one and done’ model: focus on women’s sports during high-profile events, before returning to routine coverage of men.

Bollywood is playing a large supporting role in India’s elections

Ahead of elections in India, a series of films that promote the ruling party’s right-wing ideology are seeking to influence voters. An art historian explains how the trend started.

Why the Chiefs and Royals couldn’t convince Kansas City voters to foot the bill for their stadiums

It turns out that handing over taxpayer dollars to billionaire owners tends to be far less popular among regular citizens than among well-connected government officials.

Beyoncé’s ‘Blackbiird’ breathes new life into a symbol that has inspired centuries of Black artists, musicians and storytellers

To truly appreciate the track, it’s important to go beyond the long shadow of the Beatles’ version.

The most important voice on Beyoncé’s new album

Confinement was the essence of Linda Martell’s brief career as a country star in the 1970s – and it’s the exact sort of fate that Beyoncé has sought to avoid.

For over a century, baseball’s scouts have been the backbone of America’s pastime – do they have a future?

Even with teams’ embrace of analytics, the number of scouts employed by MLB teams had stayed remarkably consistent. That all changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.

James Clavell’s ‘Shōgun’ is reimagined for a new generation of TV viewers

Compared to its 1980 predecessor, the new FX series presents a more authentic portrayal of early modern Japan.

$50K per year for a degree in a low-wage industry − is culinary school worth it?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently pilloried these institutions for saddling students with debt prior to sending them off into a low-wage industry. But many graduates have no regrets.

As the US government and record labels go after TikTok, musicians get the squeeze

For some musical artists, TikTok has become a beacon in an otherwise dismal digital streaming landscape.

How ‘Dune’ became a beacon for the fledgling environmental movement − and a rallying cry for the new science of ecology

When Frank Herbert sat down in 1963 to start writing ‘Dune,’ he wasn’t thinking about how to leave Earth behind. He was thinking about how to save it.

How AI is shaping the music listening habits of Gen Z

In the past, adolescents’ musical palettes were dominated by the Top-40 artists, creating a widely shared – if perhaps narrow – repertoire of musical knowledge.

The failures of ‘Oppenheimer’ and the ascent of the foreign film - 6 essential reads for the Oscars

Before you tune into Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, check out our coverage of the stars of this year’s show.

‘Oppenheimer’ is a disappointment − and a lost opportunity

For all its praise, the film furthers the dominant narrative of the bombs as a morally fraught but necessary project, with American anxieties playing a starring role.

Centuries after Christine de Pizan wrote a book railing against misogyny, Taylor Swift is building her own ‘City of Ladies’

By compiling stories about the accomplishments of women, Christine set out to build an allegorical city where women and their achievements would be safe from sexist insults and slander.

How the Academy Awards became ‘the biggest international fashion show free-for-all’

Through their media savvy, two consultants were able to make the Oscars as much about the attire as the gold statuettes.

Scorsese’s gods of the streets: From ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ to ‘Silence,’ faith is rarely far off in his films

Though only a few of Scorsese’s films focus on religious stories, deeper questions about faith, doubt and living in a violent world tend to haunt his movies.

Bradley Cooper, Cillian Murphy and the myths of Method acting

Hopefully, Academy Award winners will be chosen because voters believed in the actors’ performances − not because of some meta narrative about their off-screen behavior.

How non-English language cinema is reshaping the Oscars landscape

Non-English language cinema – previously seen by niche audiences – is increasingly finding acceptance and recognition, reflecting the many demographic changes taking place within the academy.

From ‘Jaws’ to ‘Schindler’s List,’ John Williams has infused movie scores with adventure and emotion

Composer and conductor John Williams has shown for more than 60 years how music can take movies to new heights.

Caitlin Clark’s historic scoring record shines a spotlight on the history of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women

Before being pushed aside by the NCAA, the AIAW, which was designed for and by women, governed women’s college athletics.