Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


A new strategy to attack aggressive brain cancer shrank tumors in two early tests

Researchers revved up immune cells that shrank an extremely aggressive type of brain tumor when tested in a handful of patients

Montana man used animal tissue and testicles to breed 'giant' sheep for sale to hunting preserves

Federal prosecutors say a Montana rancher illegally used tissue and testicles from wild sheep that were killed by hunters in central Asia and the U.S. to breed “giant” sheep hybrids for sale to private hunting preserves in Texas

US energy industry methane emissions are triple what government thinks, study finds

A new study calculates that U.S. oil and natural gas wells, pipelines and compressors are spewing three times the amount of the potent heat-trapping gas methane as the government thinks

Japan's first private-sector rocket launch attempt has exploded shortly after takeoff

A rocket touted as Japan’s first from the private sector to go into orbit exploded shortly after takeoff

April’s total solar eclipse is a month away. Here’s why it’s worth the watch and how to stay safe

A total solar eclipse is coming to North America

How a wandering white shark's epic journey could provide clues for protecting them

A 14-foot-long white shark might not be something swimmers want to see at the beach

Ukraine needs more than a billion dollars to rebuild its scientific infrastructure, UN agency says

The United Nations cultural and scientific agency says Ukraine will need more than a billion dollars to rebuild its scientific infrastructure that was damaged or destroyed during two years of Russia's war on its neighbor

Beached sperm whale dies after beaching along Florida's Gulf Coast

Florida wildlife officials say a sperm whale that became famous after beaching itself on a sandbar has died

In New York City, heat pumps that fit in apartment windows promise big emissions cuts

Heat pumps that fit in an apartment window could make a big impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change

India conducts first test flight of domestically developed missile that can carry multiple warheads

India says it has successfully conducted its first test flight of a domestically developed missile that can carry multiple warheads

Much of America asks: Where did winter go? Spring starts early as US winter was warmest on record

Across much of America and especially in the normally chilly north, the country went through the winter months without, well, winter

Pentagon study finds no sign of alien life in reported UFO sightings going back decades

A new Pentagon study that examined reported sightings of UFOs over nearly the last century has found no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence

How do animals react during a total solar eclipse? Scientists plan to find out in April

Researchers and citizen scientists will observe how animals' routines at several zoos are disrupted during the April 8 total solar eclipse

Fewer fish and more algae? Scientists seek to understand impacts of historic lack of Great Lakes ice

An unusually warm winter has left the Great Lakes all but devoid of ice and sent scientists scrambling to understand the possible consequences as climate change accelerates

Global hot streak continues. February, winter, world's oceans all break high temperature marks.

Scientists calculate that for the ninth straight month Earth has obliterated global heat records

Texas approves land-swapping deal with SpaceX as company hopes to expand rocket-launch operations

SpaceX is set to acquire public land from Texas after the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved a land-swapping deal that would cede 43 acres to entrepreneur Elon Musk's company in exchange for 477 acres that are yet to be bought

Study raises questions about plastic pollution's effect on heart health

A study raises more questions than it answers about how tiny specks of plastic might affect the heart

Ancient stone tools found in Ukraine date to over 1 million years ago, and may be oldest in Europe

Ancient stone tools found in western Ukraine may be the oldest known evidence of early human presence in Europe

Mexican gray wolves boost their numbers, but a lack of genetic diversity remains a threat

The wild population of Mexican gray wolves in the southwestern U.S. is still growing

Iconic Old West tumbleweeds roll in and blanket parts of suburban Salt Lake City

Tumbleweeds, the gnarled icon of the Old West, rolled in over the weekend and kept rolling until blanketing some homes and streets in suburban Salt Lake City

What is a whale native to the North Pacific doing off New England? Climate change could be the key

Scientists have confirmed the presence of a whale off New England that went extinct in the Atlantic Ocean two centuries ago

Jupiter's moon Europa may have less oxygen than expected, a finding that might put a damper on life

New research suggests there’s less oxygen on the icy surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa than thought

Scientists have used cells from fluid drawn during pregnancy to grow mini lungs and other organs

Scientists in the United Kingdom have created mini organs from cells floating in the fluid that surrounds a fetus in the womb

4 new astronauts head to the International Space Station for a 6-month stay

SpaceX has launched four astronauts to the International Space Station who will oversee the arrival of two new rocketships during their stint

Volcano on uninhabited Galapagos island erupts, sends lava flowing to sea

A volcano on an uninhabited island in the Galapagos has begun erupting and lighting up the nighttime sky as lava tumbles down its sides toward the sea