Today: April 20, 2024
Today: April 20, 2024


Trump trial: Why can't Americans see or hear what is going on inside the courtroom?

It's a moment in history

Tesla is planning to lay off 10% of its workers after dismal 1Q sales, multiple news outlets report

After reporting dismal first-quarter sales, Tesla is planning to lay off about a tenth of its workforce as it tries to cut costs, multiple media outlets reported Monday

Global smartphone shipments climb nearly 8% in 1st quarter as Samsung retakes the lead

Global smartphone shipments rose nearly 8% in the first quarter, according to preliminary data from International Data Corp. It’s the third straight quarter of shipment growth and marks the return of Samsung to the No. 1 spot

Biden administration agrees to provide $6.4 billion to Samsung for making computer chips in Texas

The Biden administration has reached an agreement to provide up to $6.4 billion in direct funding for Samsung Electronics to develop a computer chip manufacturing and research cluster in Texas

Argentina's populist president meets billionaire Elon Musk in Texas — and a bromance is born

Tech executive Elon Musk and Argentine President Javier Milei have sealed their budding bromance at a Tesla electric car factory in Texas — their first meeting after months of mutual admiration on social media

Faced with possibly paying for news, Google removes links to California news sites for some users

Google is removing California news websites from some users' search results

House will try again on reauthorization of US spy program after Republican upheaval

House Republicans will again try to advance a bill reauthorizing a crucial national security surveillance program

Driver of electric Ford SUV was using automated system before fatal Texas crash, investigators say

Federal investigators say the driver of a Ford electric SUV involved in a February fatal crash in Texas was using the company’s partially automated driving system before the wreck

Premier League to use semi-automated offside technology from next season

The Premier League will use AI-based player tracking technology to make offside calls from next season in a move that should reduce the time it takes officials to reach their decisions

Amazon adds Andrew Ng, a leading voice in artificial intelligence, to its board of directors

Amazon is adding artificial intelligence visionary Andrew Ng (EE-ng) to its board of directors

Instagram begins blurring nudity in messages to protect teens and fight sexual extortion

Instagram says it’s testing out new tools to protect young people and combat sexual extortion, including a feature that will automatically blur nudity in direct messages

A Congressman wanted to understand AI. So he went back to a college classroom to learn

Frightening to some, exciting to others, baffling to many: Artificial intelligence has been called an economic game changer, a threat to democracy or even an existential threat to humanity

Consumers would be notified of AI-generated content under Pennsylvania bill

Pennsylvania state representatives have approved a bill requiring that consumers be notified when artificial intelligence is used to generate content

Japanese leader visits new chip factory, stressing ties with Taiwan and support for key technology

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited a new semiconductor plant for which his government has pledged more than 1 trillion yen ($7 billion) of support to secure a steady supply of chips on Saturday

Some states are seeking to restrict TikTok. That doesn't mean their governors aren't using it

Efforts to ban TikTok from government devices have picked up steam in the past year in state legislatures and Congress even as politicians continue to use it to connect with and expand their base

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher say they filed for divorce

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher say they filed for divorce last year after more than 20 years as a couple

What to stream this week: Billy Joel sings, Dora explores and 'Food, Inc. 2' chows down

This week’s new streaming entertainment releases include a sequel to the powerful documentary “Food, Inc.,” Dating expert Patti Stanger has a new TV show on The CW and “Dora the Explorer” gets a reboot on Paramount+

A senior UK lawmaker fell victim to a sexting scam. His colleagues are being urged to go to police

British lawmakers who may have been targeted in a sexting scam were urged Friday to go to police, after a senior Conservative admitted disclosing the personal phone numbers of some colleagues to an unknown individual who held “compromising” material on him

Sim-swap fraud: the chilling scam that can empty your bank account

A north London teacher’s harrowing experience serves as a dire warning about a rapidly growing form of fraud – Sim-Swap Fraud; that can leave victims penniless within minutes. Angela Nevin* found herself at the mercy of scammers who exploited identity information she had provided to a lettings agent first to hijack her mobile phone and then empty her bank accounts. Her cautionary tale underscores the risks of sharing personal data and highlights vulnerabilities that consumers and financial institutions must urgently address. The nightmare began after Nevin separated from her partner and was required by her rental agency to undergo new

Tech companies want to build artificial general intelligence. But who decides when AGI is attained?

There’s a race underway to build artificial general intelligence, a futuristic vision of machines that are broadly as smart as humans or at least can do many things as well as people can

Free blue checks are back for some accounts on Elon Musk's X. Not everyone is happy about it

Elon Musk’s X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, has started restoring complimentary blue checks to some of its users

One Tech Tip: How to use apps to track and photograph the total solar eclipse

Monday's total solar eclipse might become one of the year's most filmed and photographed events

Alleged celebrity catfishing scheme dupes woman

Deception in romance has taken on new forms in the internet age. “Catfishing” – luring someone into an online relationship using a fictional persona – has become increasingly common, enabled by the anonymity of online interactions. A recent high-profile case in Kentucky has drawn national attention, where a woman divorced her husband after falling for someone she thought was actor Dacre Montgomery. After speaking with the catfishing investigation service Social Catfish, it was revealed she lost over $10,000 supporting this fictional romance. While this instance gained much scrutiny, it represents a broader trend that is devastating people across America. The

Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP. Gene Simmons assures fans it is a 'collaboration'

It’s never really the end of the road for Kiss

Virtual kidnapping scams torment families for money

Parents’ worst fear is being exploited in a terrifying new scam: Virtual kidnapping scams. This is when criminals call parents claiming they have abducted their child and demand ransom money. It all starts with a scary call saying the child has been taken away. The scammers make it seem convincing by using personal details about the kid gathered from social media profiles. They then issue a ransom demand, typically around $2,000 to be paid via untraceable methods like gift cards or cryptocurrency. Even though there is no actual kidnapping, the psychological torment inflicted is severely damaging. As this unscrupulous racket