Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


How going back to the SAT could set back college student diversity

A few Ivy League schools say the tests enable them to find students of promise from low-income families. But not all sociologists agree.

In Taiwan, a group is battling fake news one conversation at a time — with a focus on seniors

A group in Taiwan is focusing on seniors as it tries to combat fake news, one conversation at a time

First they tried protests of anti-gay bills. Then students put on a play at Louisiana’s Capitol

A group of students from a New Orleans high school staged a play they developed on the steps of Louisiana's Capitol to protest a series of anti-LGBTQ+ legislative proposals

Doris Kearn Goodwin and Laurie Anderson to receive medals from American Academy of Arts and Letters

Doris Kearns Goodwin, Laurie Anderson and the president of the Harlem School of the Arts, James C

Republican states file lawsuit challenging Biden's student loan repayment plan

A group of Republican-led states is suing the Biden administration to block a new student loan repayment plan that provides a faster path to cancellation and lower monthly payments for millions of borrowers

4 Canadian school boards sue Snapchat, TikTok and Meta for disrupting students' education

Four of the largest school boards in the Canadian province of Ontario have launched lawsuits against TikTok, Meta and SnapChat alleging the social media platforms are disrupting student learning

Failure of Francis Scott Key Bridge provides future engineers a chance to learn how to better protect the public

A bridge engineering expert discusses the costs and limitations of building structures to withstand extreme events – and what it takes to prepare the next generation of civil engineers.

US changes how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity. It's the first revision in 27 years

For the first time in 27 years, the U.S. government is changing how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity

Schools in the path of April's total solar eclipse prepare for a natural teaching moment

The total solar eclipse expected on April 8 already is inspiring school lessons in science, literacy and culture

Activists forming human chain in Nashville on Covenant school shooting anniversary

Tennessee advocates for gun safety are forming a 3-mile human chain in Nashville on the anniversary of last year's deadly Covenant School shooting

Should college essays touch on race? Some feel the affirmative action ruling leaves them no choice

When the Supreme Court ended affirmative action, it left the college essay as one of few places where race can play a role in admissions decisions

Missouri attorney general is accused of racial bias for pinning a student fight on diversity program

Days after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey blamed an after-school fight on a school district’s diversity programming, a lawyer for the majority Black district in suburban St. Louis says the state’s chief attorney is showing racial bias

A woman accuses a schoolmate of raping her at age 12. The school system says she is making it up.

A 24-year-old woman is telling jurors that she was repeatedly raped and sexually harassed a decade ago as a seventh-grade student in Virginia, and that school officials reacted to her pleas for help with indifference

3 ways to use the solar eclipse to brighten your child’s knowledge of science

If you have young kids, the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, represents a rare opportunity to teach them about science.

A year after deadly Nashville shooting, Christian school relies on faith -- and adopted dogs

Nearly a year after a shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville that left three adults and three children dead, students and their families have formed tight bonds out of their shared grief

Girl Scout troop resolved to support migrants despite backlash

As government officials debate how to handle the influx of new arrivals, the Girl Scouts — whose Troop 6000 has served kids who live in the shelter system since 2017 — are quietly welcoming hundreds of the city’s youngest new residents with the support of donations

Colorado university hires 2 former U.S. attorneys to review shooting, recommend any changes

The Colorado university where a student is charged with killing his suitemate and another person in a dorm room last month has hired two former U.S. attorneys to review of what led to the shooting and whether any campus policies and procedures can be improved

Kamala Harris to tour blood-stained building where 2018 Florida school massacre happened

Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to tour the blood-stained classroom building where the 2018 Parkland high school massacre happened

Hundreds of thousands of financial aid applications need to be fixed after latest calculation error

The U.S. Education Department says it discovered a calculation error in hundreds of thousands of student financial aid applications sent to colleges this month and will need to reprocess them, a blunder that follows a series of others and threatens further delays to this year’s college applications

Police find Missouri student Riley Strain's body in Tennessee river after nearly 2-week search

Police in Tennessee say that Riley Strain, a University of Missouri student who went missing in Nashville for nearly two weeks, has been found dead

Stuck at home during COVID-19, Gen Z started charities

Nothing has spurred the entrepreneurial spirit of Gen Z quite like the COVID-19 pandemic and that extends to launching nonprofits

78,000 more public workers are getting student loans canceled through Biden administration changes

Another 78,000 Americans are getting their federal student loans canceled through a program that helps teachers, nurses and other public servants

Alabama governor signs bill barring diversity, equity and inclusion programs

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has signed legislation that would ban diversity, equity and inclusion programs at public schools, universities and state agencies

A Nebraska senator who name-checked a colleague while reading about rape is under investigation

A Nebraska lawmaker is now the subject of a sexual harassment investigation

What are microcredentials? And are they worth having?

The credentials can be earned online in a matter of weeks and may lead to higher salaries, but not always.