Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


GOP state attorneys push back on Biden's proposed diversity rules for apprenticeship programs

Republican attorneys general in two dozen states are pushing back against a proposed Biden administration rule that seeks to expand diversity in apprenticeship programs

Amid growth in AI writing tools, this course teaches future lawyers and other professionals to become better editors

Learning how to produce polished prose can greatly enhance your value on the job.

Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity, while easing financial and logistical burdens for families and schools

Since nutrition standards were strengthened in 2010, eating at school provides many students with healthier food than is available cheaply elsewhere. Plus, reducing stigma increases the number of kids getting fed.

South Sudan shutters all schools as it prepares for an extreme heat wave

South Sudan is shutting all its schools and warning of an extreme heat wave that's expected to last two weeks

After the pandemic, young Chinese again want to study abroad, just not so much in the US

After the pandemic, young Chinese are again looking to study abroad

Fasting at school? More Muslim students in the US are getting support during Ramadan

While Muslim students remain a rarity in many U.S. school districts, they are a major presence in some communities

The hostility Black women face in higher education carries dire consequences

9 Black women who were working on or recently earned their PhDs told a researcher they felt isolated and shut out.

Connecticut considering barring legacy admissions at private colleges, in addition to public ones

Connecticut lawmakers are considering banning the use of legacy and donor preferences in admissions to all colleges and universities across the state, including private ones like Yale University

Duty, Honor, Outrage: Change to West Point's mission statement sparks controversy

“Duty, Honor, Country” has been the motto of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point for 126 years

Michigan jury returning to decide fate of school shooter's father in deaths of 4 students

A jury in Michigan is set to resume deliberations in a trial that will determine whether another parent will be held responsible for a mass school shooting committed by a son

Prosecutor urges jury to convict Michigan school shooter's dad, says he could have prevented tragedy

A jury in Michigan is hearing closing arguments in the trial of a Michigan school shooter's father

What to know about a settlement that clarifies what's legal under Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' law

Florida's state government and LGBTQ+ advocates have settled a lawsuit challenging a law that bars teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools

Girls are falling in love with wrestling, the nation's fastest-growing high school sport

Girls’ wrestling has become the fastest-growing high school sport in the country, sanctioned by a surging number of states and bolstered by a movement of medal-winning female wrestlers, parents and the male-dominated ranks of coaches and administrators who saw it as a necessity and a matter of equality

National parks teach students about environmental issues in this course

Students are provided the opportunity to use America’s national parks as case studies for environmental issues and tough conversations in this course.

Libraries struggle to afford the demand for e-books, seek new state laws in fight with publishers

Libraries across the U.S. are struggling to cover the cost of e-books, which have grown in popularity

NAACP urges student-athletes to reconsider Florida colleges after state eliminates DEI programs

The NAACP says Black student-athletes should reconsider attending public colleges and universities in Florida

Sexual orientation, gender ID can be talked about in Florida classrooms under lawsuit settlement

Students and teachers will be able to speak freely about sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida classrooms, provided it's not part of instruction

Education Department starts sending financial aid data to colleges after months of delays

After months of delays and technical hiccups, some colleges and universities have started to receive federal data they need to put together financial aid offers for incoming students

Counselor recalls morning of Michigan school attack when parents declined to take shooter home

It’s day three of the trial for the father of a Michigan school shooter

Victims of Catholic nuns rely on each other after being overlooked in the clergy sex abuse crisis

The sexual abuse of children by Catholic sisters and nuns has been overshadowed by far more common reports of male clergy abuse

At US universities, record numbers of Indian students seek brighter prospects — and overseas jobs

As India’s booming youth population outpaces the growth of its education system, historic numbers of students are turning abroad for higher education

Why you should stop texting your kids at school

Parents are keenly aware of the distractions and the mental health issues associated with smartphones and social media, but teachers say they might not realize how much those struggles play out at school

West Virginia lawmakers OK bill drawing back one of the country's strictest child vaccination laws

West Virginia’s GOP-controlled state Legislature has voted to allow some students who don’t attend traditional public schools to be exempt from state vaccination requirements

Students lobby to dethrone Connecticut's state insect, the voraciously predatory praying mantis

When it comes to state insects, most states honor fuzzy or beloved bugs like honey bees or butterflies

Pencils down: SATs are going all digital, and students have mixed reviews of the new format

As SAT season kicks off this weekend, students across the U.S. for the first time will take it with computers and tablets — and not the pencils they’ve used since the college admissions test was introduced nearly a century ago