Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


Earth Day: How one grocery shopper takes steps to avoid 'pointless plastic'

Nature wraps bananas and oranges in peels

Hawaii lawmakers take aim at vacation rentals after Lahaina wildfire amplifies Maui housing crisis

An acute housing shortage hitting fire survivors on the Hawaiian island of Maui is squeezing out residents even as they try to overcome the loss of loved ones, their homes and their community

Pakistani province issues a flood alert and warns of a heavy loss of life from glacial melting

A Pakistani province has issued a flood alert because of glacial melting and is warning of a heavy loss of life if timely safety measures aren't undertaken

The EPA is again allowing summer sales of higher ethanol gasoline blend, citing global conflicts

The Environmental Protection Agency is allowing the sale of gasoline containing a higher blend of ethanol for the third summer in a row

Next UN climate talks are critical to plot aid for poorer nations, says incoming president

The man who will run this year’s United Nations climate talks in November views the upcoming negotiations as a key link in international efforts to curb worsening global warming — if they can be successful

EPA designates 2 forever chemicals as hazardous substances, eligible for Superfund cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency has designated two forever chemicals used in cookware, carpets and firefighting foams as hazardous substances

More people are evacuated after the dramatic eruption of an Indonesian volcano

More people living near an erupting volcano on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island are being evacuated

Biden administration restricts oil and gas leasing in 13 million acres of Alaska's petroleum reserve

The Biden administration has finalized rules that would restrict new oil and gas leasing and development in portions of a federal petroleum reserve in Alaska that are considered particularly sensitive as the Arctic continues to warm

San Francisco mayor announces the city will receive pandas from China

San Francisco is the latest U_S_ city preparing to receive a pair of pandas from China, in a continuation of Beijing’s famed “panda diplomacy.”

Laborers and street vendors in Mali find no respite as deadly heat wave surges through West Africa

Street vendors in Mali’s capital of Bamako peddle water sachets, ubiquitous for this part of West Africa during the hottest months

BNSF Railway says it didn't know about asbestos that's killed hundreds in Montana town

BNSF Railway attorneys are expected to argue before jurors that the railroad should not be held liable for the lung cancer deaths of two former residents of an asbestos-contaminated Montana town

World Bank's Banga wants to make gains in tackling the effects of climate change, poverty and war

It's a full agenda for Ajay Banga as he nears the end of his first year as World Bank president

Growing demand for minerals sparks Indigenous outcry over "business as usual" mining practices

Indigenous tribes from 35 countries are criticizing the lack of informed consent for mining on or near their lands

Biden administration moves to make conservation an equal to industry on US lands

The Biden administration is moving to let conservationists lease government land for restoration

Starbucks is introducing a cold drink cup made with less plastic

Booming sales of cold drinks at Starbucks stores have created a problem: growing amounts of plastic waste from the single-use cups that Frappuccinos, Refreshers, cold brews and other iced drinks are served in

United Arab Emirates struggles to recover after heaviest recorded rainfall ever hits desert nation

The United Arab Emirates is struggling to recover from the heaviest recorded rainfall ever to hit the desert nation, as its main airport worked to restore normal operations even as floodwater still covered portions of major highways and roads

Takeaways from this week's reports on the deadly 2023 Maui fire that destroyed Lahaina

Officials are still trying to determine exactly what went wrong when the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century burned through a historic Hawaii town, more than a half-year after the disaster

Climate change concerns grow, but few think Biden's climate law will help, AP-NORC poll finds

A poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows that 45% of U.S. adults say they have become more concerned about climate change over the past year

California sets long-awaited drinking water limit for 'Erin Brockovich' contaminant

California regulators adopted a drinking water limit on toxic hexavalent chromium, a chemical compound made infamous by the movie “Erin Brockovich."

Here's why experts don't think cloud seeding played a role in Dubai's downpour

With cloud seeding, it may rain, but it doesn’t really pour or flood — at least nothing like what drenched the United Arab Emirates and paralyzed Dubai

Republican AGs attack Biden's EPA for pursuing environmental discrimination cases

Twenty-three Republican attorneys general are attacking the Biden administration's stated goal of pursuing environmental justice

Cloning makes three: Two more endangered ferrets are gene copies of critter frozen in 1980s

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says two more black-footed ferrets have been cloned from the genes used for the first clone of an endangered species in the U.S. These three slinky predators are genetically identical to a single animal frozen back in the 1980s

New study calculates climate change's economic bite will hit about $38 trillion a year by 2049

A new study says climate change will reduce future global income by about 19% in the next 25 years compared to a fictional world that’s not warming, with the poorest areas and those least responsible for heat-trapping gases taking the biggest monetary hit

Storm dumps heaviest rain ever recorded in desert nation of UAE, flooding roads and Dubai's airport

Heavy thunderstorms have lashed the United Arab Emirates, dumping the heaviest rain ever recorded in the country in the span of hours as it flooded out portions of major highways and Dubai’s international airport

Death toll from 4 days of rains rises to 63 in Pakistan with more rain on the forecast

Lightning and heavy rains led to 14 deaths in Pakistan, officials said Wednesday, bringing the death toll from four days of extreme weather to at least 63