Today: April 19, 2024
Today: April 19, 2024


Ecuador rations electricity as drought persists in the northern Andes

Ecuador has started to ration electricity in its main cities as a drought linked to the El Niño weather pattern depletes reservoirs and limits output at hydroelectric plants

UN envoy says of the threat to coral reefs: 'Are we faced with a colossal ecosystem tragedy? Yes'

The world is not doing enough to protect coral reefs

Plumbing problem at Glen Canyon Dam brings new threat to Colorado River system

Plumbing problems at the dam holding back the second-largest reservoir in the U.S. are spurring concerns about future water delivery issues to Southwestern states supplied by the Colorado River

Parts of central US hit by severe storms, while tornadoes strike in Kansas and Iowa

Strong storms have caused damage in parts of the middle U.S. and spawned tornadoes in Kansas and Iowa, including one that left two people hurt

Heavy rains lash UAE and surrounding nations as the death toll in Oman flooding rises to 18

Heavy rains have lashed the United Arab Emirates, flooding out portions of major highways and leaving vehicles abandoned on roadways across Dubai

Coal miners getting new protections from silica dust linked to black lung disease

The Labor Department issued a new rule Tuesday intended to protect coal miners from poisonous silica dust that has contributed to the premature deaths of thousands of mine workers from a respiratory ailment commonly known as “black lung” disease

2023 was a record year for wind installations as world ramps up clean energy, report says

The world installed 117 gigawatts of new wind power capacity in 2023, a 50% increase from the year before, making it the best year for new wind projects on record, according to a new report by the industry’s trade association

Maui Fire Department to release after-action report on deadly Hawaii wildfires

The Maui Fire Department is expected to release a report Tuesday detailing how the agency responded to a series of wildfires that burned on the island during a windstorm last August

Greece plans 2 marine protected areas as part of an $830 million environmental protection program

Greece aims to create two large marine parks as part of an $830 million program to protect biodiversity and marine ecosystems, with the plans to be formally announced at an international oceans conference starting in Athens Tuesday

Colombia's capital announces new measures to cut water consumption as dry weather persists

The mayor of Colombia’s capital has announced new measures to reduce water consumption in the city of eight million people, where a drought associated with the El Niño weather pattern has already prompted officials to ration water in most neighborhoods and ask residents to change their showering habits

A 9-year-old boy's dream of a pet octopus is a sensation as thousands follow Terrance's story online

Nine-year-old Cal Clifford had always wanted a pet octopus

Decades after a US butterfly species vanished, a close relative is released to fill gap

Wildlife experts are bringing butterflies back to the Presidio National Park in San Francisco as part of an effort to restore native ecosystems

Endangered Bornean orangutan born at Busch Gardens in Florida

An endangered Bornean orangutan baby has been welcomed into the world at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Florida

Asbestos victim's dying words aired in wrongful death case against Buffet's railroad

The dying words of an Oregon man who had an asbestos-linked cancer are being replayed in a federal courtroom for a jury hearing a wrongful death case against Warren Buffett’s BNSF Railway

Scientists say coral reefs around the world are experiencing mass bleaching in warming oceans

Reef scientists say coral reefs around the world are experiencing global bleaching for the fourth time due to prolonged warming of the oceans

Your morning coffee may be hundreds of thousands of years old

The coffee that picked you up this morning is 600,000 old

Paris prepares for 100-day countdown to the Olympics. It wants to rekindle love for the Games

April 17 marks the 100 days countdown to the Paris Olympics ambitious opening ceremony

Water guns are in full blast to mark Thai New Year festivities despite worries about heat wave

It’s water festival time in Thailand where many are marking the country’s traditional New Year, splashing each other with colorful water guns and buckets in an often raucous celebration that draws thousands of people, even as this year the Southeast Asian nation marks record-high temperatures causing concern

Colombia's capital starts rationing water after reservoirs hit historically low levels

A severe drought has pushed Colombia's capital to start rationing tap water

Oil and gas companies must pay more to drill on public lands under new Biden administration rule

Oil and gas companies will have to pay more to drill on public lands and satisfy stronger requirements to clean up old or abandoned wells under a final rule from the Biden administration

Dead whale in New Jersey had a fractured skull among numerous injuries, experts find

A post-mortem examination of a whale that washed ashore on New Jersey’s Long Beach Island shows the animal sustained numerous blunt force injuries including a fractured skull and vertebrae

Against all odds: 5 harrowing natural disaster survival stories

When nature shows its wrath, it leaves an impact not only on the land but also on the hearts and lives of those who faced the storm. As we delve into the first-hand accounts of survivors who have stared into the eye of the storm, a common thread emerges a newfound awareness of the critical gaps in their readiness. Paul Sprela, a resident of Long Beach, New York, experienced the fury of a natural disaster during the Hurricane Sandy in 2012.His home and business were inundated, causing significant damage. Sprela, who works in flood insurance, learned a crucial lesson about

Environmentalists protest as Biden administration approves huge oil export terminal off Texas coast

The Biden administration has approved construction of a deepwater oil export terminal off the Texas coast that would be the largest of its kind in the United States

Making cement is very damaging for the climate. One solution is opening in California

The cement industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide and is responsible for some 8% of global emissions each year

Severe weather takes aim at parts of the Ohio Valley after battering the South

Powerful storms are rumbling over parts of the southeastern U.S. as more severe weather takes aim at parts of the Ohio Valley