Today: April 21, 2024
Today: April 21, 2024


Against all odds: 5 harrowing natural disaster survival stories

When nature shows its wrath, it leaves an impact not only on the land but also on the hearts and lives of those who faced the storm. As we delve into the first-hand accounts of survivors who have stared into the eye of the storm, a common thread emerges a newfound awareness of the critical gaps in their readiness. Paul Sprela, a resident of Long Beach, New York, experienced the fury of a natural disaster during the Hurricane Sandy in 2012.His home and business were inundated, causing significant damage. Sprela, who works in flood insurance, learned a crucial lesson about

Environmentalists protest as Biden administration approves huge oil export terminal off Texas coast

The Biden administration has approved construction of a deepwater oil export terminal off the Texas coast that would be the largest of its kind in the United States

Making cement is very damaging for the climate. One solution is opening in California

The cement industry is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide and is responsible for some 8% of global emissions each year

Severe weather takes aim at parts of the Ohio Valley after battering the South

Powerful storms are rumbling over parts of the southeastern U.S. as more severe weather takes aim at parts of the Ohio Valley

Biden awards $830 million to toughen nation's infrastructure against climate change

The Biden administration is handing out almost $830 million in grants for 80 projects around the country aimed at toughening infrastructure against the extreme weather of climate change

Start of the Masters delayed by at least one hour because of bad weather

The start of the Masters has been delayed by at least one hour because of bad weather

Water levels rise and homes flood in Russia after a dam bursts near the Kazakhstan border

Russian officials are scrambling to help homeowners displaced by floods, as water levels have risen in the Ural River

Water pouring out of rural Utah dam through 60-foot crack, putting nearby town at risk

Utah state officials are hurriedly trying to shore up a rural Utah dam after a 60-foot crack opened and sent water pouring into a creek and endangering the 1,700 residents of a downstream town

Lawyers want East Palestine residents to wait for details of $600 million derailment settlement

The lawyers who negotiated a $600 million settlement with Norfolk Southern over that railroad's disastrous 2023 derailment in eastern Ohio want residents to talk with them before deciding the historic deal isn't enough

Rescuers search off Northern California coast for young gray whale entangled in gill net

Rescuers on Wednesday were searching for a 30-foot-long gray whale with its tail entangled in a massive gill net last spotted off Northern California’s coast

Why is the EPA regulating PFAS and what are these "forever chemicals"?

The Environmental Protection Agency announced new limits on certain types of PFAS chemicals in drinking water

UN climate chief presses for faster action, says humans have 2 years left 'to save the world'

The United Nations climate chief says humanity has only two years left “to save the world” by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions

Biden administration imposes first-ever national drinking water limits on toxic PFAS

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced its first-ever limits for several common types of PFAS, or perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances

First an earthquake, now an eclipse. Yankees to play ball on same day as another natural phenomenon

A 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook New York City on Friday as the Yankees went through batting practice before their home opener

Russia declares flood-hit Orenburg region a federal emergency with other regions under threat

State media say Russia’s government has declared the situation in flood-hit areas in the Orenburg region a federal emergency

A Dubai company’s staggering land deals in Africa raise fears about risks to Indigenous livelihoods

A raft of agreements between African countries and Dubai-based company Blue Carbon could give the company control over large swaths of land for conservation projects

Victims of Montana asbestos pollution that killed hundreds take Warren Buffet's railroad to court

It's been almost 25 years since federal authorities, responding to news reports of deaths and illnesses, descended on the small northwestern Montana town of Libby to clean it up

Farmers in India are hit hard by extreme weather. Some say expanding natural farming is the answer

India's southern Andhra Pradesh state has become a positive example of the benefits of natural farming, a process of using organic matter as fertilizers and pesticides that makes crops more resilient to bad weather, and advocates say active government support is the primary driver for the state’s success

New York City's skyscrapers are built to withstand most earthquakes

New York City's skyscrapers might seem especially vulnerable to earthquakes like the one Friday

Dutch police have detained activist Greta Thunberg at a climate demonstration in The Hague

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is among dozens of people who have been detained by police in The Hague as they removed protesters who were partially blocking a road in the Dutch city

Thousands are evacuated after floods break a dam in the Russian city of Orsk

Floods caused by rising water levels in the Ural River broke a dam in a city near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan, forcing some 2,000 people to evacuate, local authorities said

Top-ranked Korda likely makes way into final 8 at T-Mobile Match Play

Nelly Korda almost certainly kept her hopes alive for a fourth consecutive LPGA Tour victory by shooting a 3-under 69 on Friday for a three-day total of 1-under par in the T-Mobile Match Play

Heat-trapping carbon dioxide and methane levels in the air last year spiked to record highs again

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the levels of the crucial heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere reached historic highs last year, growing at near-record fast paces

Amid legal challenges, SEC pauses its climate rule

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday said it would pause the implementation of its new climate disclosure rule while it defended the regulation in court

EPA head Regan defends $20B green bank: 'I feel really good about this program'

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday defended a new $20 billion federal “green bank” program